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Blackie’s International Baduk Academy was opened in Seoul in 2011 by Kim Seung-jun 9p (Blackie) and Kőszegi Diána 1p (Dia).

Over the past 9 years, BIBA has welcomed more than 230 students from 36 different countries. In 2017 we went worldwide with  BIBA Online!

BIBA is a place for students to improve in Baduk while learning about the Korean culture and making new friends from all around the world or even among top professional players! Studying hard in Seoul, just like a younguseng (insei) or not moving a foot from your home and joining us through our Online Teaching, the choice is yours!

Please contact us here! You can also find BIBA’s room on KGS or simply leave us a message on Facebook 🙂 ! For now, we welcome you to explore our website and hope you join the BIBA family very soon!

Blackie & Dia 😊