Here you can find most common questions regarding our Academy in Korea and Online Teaching.

BIBA – General questions

Q: What is BIBA?

A: BIBA is an international academy of Baduk (Go) opened in 2011 by Kim Seungjun 9p and Kőszegi Diána 1p.

Q: Where is BIBA?

A: BIBA is located in South Korea. Since last year, BIBA has been cooperating with the Flower Baduk Academy. The location is in the center of Seoul, close to Chungmuro station, which is also pretty close to the Korean Baduk Association, approximately 20 minutes away.

Q: What is Baduk (Go)?

A: If you ended up on this website, We do hope you already know the answer to this question! 🙂

Q: How long can I stay in BIBA ?

A: The next open session is from the middle of May until the end of June 2024. 

Q: Am I strong enough to join BIBA?

A: Any level is welcomed!

Q: But, I am only 10 kyu…

A: You are still very very welcome! 🙂

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: As long as you can put a stone on the board, you should be fine! 😉

Q: How much is BIBA?

A: The answer is here.

Q: How can I pay?

A: Cash (Euro, Dollar, Won, Forint, Yuan, we accept any currency), Bank transfer, Paypal, but at the moment we would really appreciate some bitcoins if possible. 😉

Q: Do I have to speak Korean?

A: Which language are we speaking now?

Q: Do I have to arrive at the beginning of the session?

A: No. You can arrive whenever you want if it is during a session.

The Academy

Q: What do I do in the academy?

A: As far as I understood the concept, you study Baduk, however if you want more details on that, you may check out the schedule.

Q: How many students are in BIBA?

A: It may vary but it will always be between 5 and 10.

Q: How many teachers are in BIBA?

A: Most of the time at least three. Moreover, many other professional players or strong amateurs come to visit and they are always happy to study with the students! You will never find a school in Korea with such a good student/teacher ratio. 🙂

Q: How much can I expect to improve?

A: Well, it depends on how long you stay, how serious you are and how well you listen to your teachers! However, to make you feel better, I have never seen a student not improving while he was in BIBA (even if someone stays for a short period, he will definitely learn the way of studying Baduk)!

Q: What do I do in my free time?

A: There used to be no academy on the weekend, Blackie and Dia often plays some sports (tennis, foot-volleyball, basketball, etc…) together with the students. Sightseeing in Seoul is also possible! However, since the time we are temprorarily open, there is only one day off, unless the student wants to take another day off. 🙂 


Q: Where do I live?

A: Due to the new system (BIBA isn’t open for the whole year), we no longer provide shared accommodation. However, students have the option to stay in Koshiwon/Koshitel close to Flower Baduk. Alternatively, if they prefer a hotel or AirBnB, they should arrange accommodation independently.

Q: How about during the summer camp?

A: During the summer camp, our plan is to rent a big place where the students can stay all together.

Q: I am shy and I want to have an accommodation of my own even during the summer camp, is it ok?

A: It is completely fine to prefer private accommodation, even during the summer camp. There are many flats or Airbnbs available for rent around the school. However, be cautious as the deposit money for flats in Korea can be quite expensive!

Q: I’m not shy, but super rich. Is there a nice hotel near by?

A: Yes, there are some hotels available nearby! If you’re looking for luxury accommodations, we can recommend some options.

Life in Seoul

Q: I just arrived to Incheon International airport, I am all alone, what do I do?!

A: Well, first of all, welcome to Korea! Now you have a few options: you can either take the subway and come to Chungmuro station or Euljiro 3ga station, or you can take a limousine bus that will bring you directly to Seoul.

Here is the location of the Flower baduk.

Q: Is the food in Seoul expensive?

A: It depends what and where you eat but food usually is cheap, you can have a nice meal at a restaurant for 10000 Won (6/7€, 7/8$).

Q: Is it easy for a vegetarian to eat in Korea?

A: It is a bit of a challenge but some vegetarians stayed in BIBA (some even for a long time) and as far as I heard, they all survived.

Q: Is the winter cold?

A: Yes, very.

Q: Is the summer hot?

A: Yes, very.

Q: What can I visit in Seoul?

A: The answer is here


Q: Can I go to Karaoke???

A: You will go to Karaoke.

Q: Do I have to eat Kimchi?

A: It is not really that you have to or not, you will have no choice.

Q: What is Soju?

A: You do not want to know that.

Q: Why is Blackie so black?

A: He is from Malaysia.

Q: I heard that Dia is nice, is it true?

A: People say so, but nobody has ever really checked to be honest.

Q: Is it true that the legendary ben0 was in BIBA?

A: Yes. Moreover, he even came back for a second time and he is in the online teaching as well. Oh, I just got goosebumps. 

Online Teaching

General questions

Q: What is BIBA Online Teaching?

A: The answer is here.

Q: Am I strong enough to join BIBA Online Teaching?

A: Any level is welcomed!

Q: But, I am only 10 kyu…

A: You are welcome. (and you can even get some discount)

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: As long as you can click a stone on a board, you should be fine!

Q: How much is BIBA Online Teaching?

A: The answer is here.

Q: How can I pay?

A: Bank transfer, Paypal, or bitcoins.

Q: Can I get a discount if I pay several month at once?

A: Yes, buy 6 months for the price of 5 or 3 months for the price of 2.5 months!

Q: Where can I watch the LIVE reviews for the Online Teaching?

A: You can follow us LIVE on facebook.

Q: What if I missed the LIVE review?

A: Don’t worry, you can still watch all the videos in the BIBA Online Teaching Group on Facebook.

Q: Oh my god, this system is perfect, how can I join?!

A: Just click here.