Overview of Our Online Teaching

BIBA Online Teaching Program – let BIBA come to you!

We are making this program for people who would like to join BIBA in Korea but cannot for some reason and for former BIBA students who want to continue their studies. So we thought BIBA will come to you! We want it to be as similar as what you can get in BIBA Korea. You can play your games on KGS or on OGS.

Our program includes:

League games

There are several groups depending on your go strength, Kim Seungjun 9p (Blackie) and Kőszegi Diána 1p (Dia) are reviewing each groups together. Each group have 5 to 6 players, which means 4 to 5 games per month for each player. Every player play 1 or 2 games per week. Once your group is decided you just have to decide the date, contact an opponent and play!

Group reviews

At the end of each week, the teachers review all the games of the week with the whole group. Everybody is able to join and share their thoughts and ask their questions.

Please join our private group BIBA Online Teaching on facebook, so you can enjoy the reviews! You can also watch the old videos as well! 

Offline lectures

Each week, we send one lecture about various topics, it mostly consists of opening or joseki lectures. We will also ask all the students if there is one specific topic they would want as a lecture and we will work on it!

Life & Death problems

Like at school, you receive Life & Death problems each week and have to solve them. The teachers will then correct your answers, send it back to you and give some time to correct your mistakes. Once you fix them you should send back to the teachers again.

Teaching games

Once per month, each student receive a teaching game from their teacher. Usually Blackie plays with the students from the groups with higher rank and Dia plays with the students from the groups with lower rank.

Customize your package

For people who are interested in the program but have no time or money to do all the tasks, we have a new option. Students can customize their package. For example it is possible to play just the league games and asks for the L&D problems or if someone only wants to get the teaching game and the offline lectures, it is also possible.


We know that some people might not always have time or money to come to BIBA which is why we created a point system for the League where 100 points represents 50% discount for one month of studying at BIBA in Korea. The system is as follows for each group :

  • 1st place : 20 pts
  • 2nd place : 15 pts
  • 3rd place : 12 pts
  • 4th place : 10 pts
  • 5th place : 8 pts
  • 6th place : 6 pts
  • 7th place : 4 pts
  • 8th place : 2 pts
  • Winning a game against a teacher : 15 pts.

When you reach 100 points your discount is valid to use for 6 months. Contact us for details!